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We're Anomaly Science, a Berlin-based blockchain company aiming to build a world where anyone can make the next big thing.

We believe that the power of blockchain should be accessible to everyone, which is why we're dedicated to providing developer tools that simplify the process of protecting, sharing, and doing business with new technology - from the first line of code to the final distribution to the end user. We're committed to empowering developers to bring their ideas to life while building tools for everyone to access decentralized content and interact with the Web3 ecosystem.

What we do.


Particles are a method of smart licensing, a licensing system created by Anomaly Science where software copyright licenses are tokenized and made machine-readable for automation and better enforcement. For software developers, this means having a fair stake in everything they build and an easier route to monetizing their work. For consumers, there's no more locking into a single marketplace, bringing the freedom to trade and resell purchased software.

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Sagittarius A*

Sagittarius A* is an API for decentralized content resolution and IPFS pin orchestration.The goal of Sagittarius A* is to make decentralized content more easily accessible and easily integrate into existing applications, thereby increasing the adoption of Web3 technologies.

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